Chinese Astrology Five Elements Chart

Ancient Chinese Yin Yang Five Element scholars distinguishes Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) into Yin and Yang. The group of 10 Yin Yang elements is called the Heavenly Stems when applying on the Chinese calendar. The group of 12 Chinese zodiac signs in the Chinese calendar is called the Earthly Branches. The 60 combination of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branches forms a Stem-Branch counting system in the Chinese calendar. Since each Chinese zodiac sign contains different Five Elements. We have to know the relationship between five element and zodiac animal signs. We use many graphic symbols in our website. The following chart is the cross-reference between five elements and Stem-Branch.

Chinese Five Element Chart

The following is a very useful Chinese Five Element Application Chart. How to use this chart? Firstly, you have to know which your Lucky Element from your Chinese Astrology Birth Chart. If your Lucky Element is Metal, then you can refer from the Five Element Chart below to know that Monkey is your lucky animal, white is your lucky color, fall is your lucky season and the west is your lucky direction etc. You can apply all of these into your daily life. That will help your life easier and luckier.

Five Elements Metal Water Wood Fire Earth
Male Branch Monkey Rat Tiger Horse Dragon, Dog
Female Branch Hen Hog Rabbit Snake Cow, Sheep
Color White (Golden) Black Green Red Brown
Seasons Fall Winter Spring Summer Between Seasons
Hours 15-19 21-01 3-7 9-13 1-3,7-9,13-15,19-21
Directions West North (cold) East South (hot) Center
Flavor Spicy Salty Sour Bitter Sweet
Fruit Peach Chestnut Palm Almond Date
Organs Lungs Kidneys Liver Heart Spleen
System Respiratory Excretory / Urinary Nervous Cardiovascular / Circulatory Digestive
Body Skin Bone Nerve Blood Muscle
Face Nose Ears Eyes Tongue Mouth
Emotion Sad Fear Anger Happy Worry
Disease Dry Cold Wind Hot Wet
Personal Renown Gentle Upright Honest Polite keep Promises
Planet Venus Mercury Jupiter Mars Saturn
Voice E O A I U

Again, you need to find out your Five Elements first from Chinese Fortune Calendar. Usually, the elements with a lower score (weight) are your lucky elements. The elements with too much weight are your unlucky elements. Anything in your lucky element's column in the chart will bring you luck. Anything in your unlucky element's column's will give you trouble.

  • If your five-elements is lack of Water, you will be lucky in the winter (cold weather). You will have better luck if you wear black. You will have more luck at night than during the day. You will be lucky in the Years of Pig and Rat, the Months of Pig and Rat (November and December), and the Days of of Pig and Rat. You should go to beach or ski often. You should drink more water or other cold drinks...

  • If your five-elements is too much Fire, you will be less lucky in the summer. You shouldn't wear red. You won't be lucky in the Years of  Horse or Snake. You should avoid hot and spicy food...

  • Good luck means wedding, engagement, new job, promotion, easy money, new baby, new house...

  • Bad luck means divorce, separation, traffic tickets, accidents, lawsuits, news of family death, money losses, bad health...

  • To find your good/bad years look for the five element's weight of years. If there is a year with your lucky element which has more than 30 score, it can be considered as a good year. If a year shows your unlucky element, it might be a bad year.

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