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Feng Shui of the Snake Year 2001 

Year 2001 is a Chinese Gold Snake Year, which begins around February 3rd 2001. The snake's direction of orientation is south-southeast. The snake month begins around May 5th 2001. The following is a simple Feng Shui Nine-Star Chart for year 2001.

Northwest (9-Purple : Fire) North (4-Green : Wood) Northeast (2-Black : Earth)
West (1-White : Water) 8 White (Earth) East (6-White : Metal)
Southwest (5-Yellow : Earth) South (3-Green : Wood) Southeast (7-Red : Metal)
Lucky and unlucky directions in snake year 2001

The pink areas are lucky, the light gray are fair, and the dark gray are unlucky in year 2001. There is no center area, because the shape of each area is like a pizza slice, not a square. 

You can use the following steps to find your lucky areas in your house.

Next, you have to know you are the Eastern Type Eastern 4 type  person or the Western Type Western 4 type person from the Feng Shui Basic page. 

If you are the Eastern Type person, then the south and north area are lucky to you; but the west area is unfavorable to you in 2001.

If you are the Western Type person, then the northeast and northwest area are lucky to you; but the east area is unfavorable to you in 2001.

Empower Your Energy And Luck With Feng Shui

The simple rule is to stay more hours in your lucky area.

The easy way to get the Feng Shui luck in 2001 is to move into the lucky area in your house or spend more time in those lucky areas. If your room is in an unlucky area and you don't want to move your room at home or you cannot move your room in your office building, then the following suggestions might help you to improve some luck in year 2001.

Traditionally, the Feng Shui advisors suggest people rearrange or redecorate their room using colorful crystals, bells, chimes, mini-fountain, mirror, fu dog, lucky money frog or the images of dragon, deer, elephant and Buddha to improve people's luck.

The following are the simple tips to empower your luck in 2001 depending on the location of your room in a house. 

East Area

The East Area is not lucky in year 2001. However, the 6-White money star flies into this area. Therefore, there are some money opportunities in 2001; but people will work hard to earn that money.

The Golden Snake year contains Metal element. The East is in the Wood group. Wood and Metal have a Enmity Relationship and are in a fighting position all the time. The Water can be a compromiser between Wood and Metal because of the Affinity Relation of Five Elements. Therefore, you can decorate your room something related to Water, Black, Blue or Cold to empower your money luck.

Southeast Area

The Southeast Area is lucky in year 2001. The unlucky 7-Red star flies into this area. Because more lucky stars than the unlucky ones in the area, people still will have a good ending, if they do their business with caution. 

The colors to empower the luck from this area are Brown and Yellow. 

The year of Snake means the Snake is on duty in 2001 according to the Feng Shui concept. The Snake needs a quiet place to do his yearly business. The snake's direction of orientation is south-southeast. Therefore, please do not make any major room improvement or repair in the area. 

South Area

The South Area is the best area in year 2001. The 3-Green star flies into this area;  there is an opportunity to have a prosperous business year. The major colors to empower the luck from the south area are Red and Orange, because the South is in the Fire Group. 

You may decorate a little Green and White to improve the money luck. The Green is to welcome the 3-Green star and the White is standing for the money to come.

Southwest Area

The Southwest Area is not a lucky area at all in year 2001. The unlucky 5-Yellow star flies into this area. People need to pay attention on their health. 

Anything standing for health or a long-life to decorate your room will help. The lucky color for southwest area is the purple, because the purple stands for the a Long Life.

Because the 5-Yellow star is in the Earth (soil) group, please do not make any major room improvement or ground-breaking project in this area.

West Area

The West area is not considered as a lucky area in year 2001, although there is a little money opportunity in this area. It has chances to get into conflicts and arguments in this area, since some unlucky stars gather here. If the argument is not handled correctly, it might become a lawsuit.

It's a good idea to decorate the room with something standing for a guardian. The dark green is the color to protect your money and release the tension of argument. It's ok to mix the color of green, gray and dark.

Northwest Area

The Northwest area is considered as a lucky area in year 2001. It might have some frustration, but it can be resolved. 

The area can empower people's wisdom. This area is good for the head of family,  a decision-maker or students. The green and golden color is good for this area.

North Area

The Northwest area is a lucky area in year 2001. There are many lucky stars in this area in 2001. The  money and career opportunities are all in here. 

This area is good for everyone, especially for students.  The white color will increase the luck for this area.

Northeast Area

The Northeast area is not a lucky area in year 2001. There are some unlucky stars in this area in 2001. The frustration will slow down the progress and might impact people's health.

People who are not in good health shouldn't have a bedroom in this area. The symbol of guardian angels are good for the room decoration. The white color will help to balance the unlucky stars.

Golden Snake

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